We have prepared a list of useful resources that you might find useful for researching your German pork butcher ancestors.



A list of some relevant books and articles:





Karl-Heinz WŁstnerís defining article on the subject of German pork butchers:



The tale of Newcastle pork butcher:



A piece on the anti-German riots in Liverpool:



A piece on the anti-German riots in 1914 in Dublin:



Panikos Panayiís article on the Lusitania Riots in Salford in 1915 mentions several pork butchers:



For an official report of the Salford Lusitania Riots:

Salford Riot Report



RootsChat Forum

The place where all the descendants of German pork butchers can communicate:




You can read other peopleís comments without being a member, but in order to post you need to sign up. Itís free and a very useful tool for contacting people with potential links to your family as well as the network of researchers on the subject.



RootsChat Pork Butcher Database

This is the place to start your research:




Itís an ever growing database containing the names, addresses, birth/marriage/death details and family links of the pork butchers who came to Britain from Germany. You can access the database without being a RootsChat member. We encourage anyone with German pork butcher ancestors to add their family to the database if they arenít already there. Adding to the database requires you to be a RootsChat member.


We have created a user guide to explain how to use the database:


RootsChat Database User Guide



National Archives

A host of information from births/marriages/deaths and wills to war diaries. They also have naturalisation records:




These are searchable and can give you very useful information on your German ancestors, including place of birth (often the precise village), where they have lived in Britain and for how long as well has their parentsí names.


Ordering a naturalisation certificate is pretty straight forward and can be done online, costs vary depending on the amount of paperwork in the file itself, the cost is usually between £10-20.



British Newspaper Archive

A collection of searchable historic British newspapers:




This site charges for use, but if youíre just looking for members of your family a month subscription is probably all youíll need. You might get the odd interesting story. The archive has become particularly interesting as it now has collections that cover World War I. Many German shops were attacked and even if your ancestors arenít mentioned directly you can see how the riots effected the German community.



Historic Trade Directories

Many searchable historic trade directories digitised by the University of Leicester:




You will hopefully find some of your ancestors in this collection, itís useful for finding out the addresses of their shops and when they had them.


The Sheffield Indexers site also contains historic trade directories specifically for the city:





Historic Maps

Historic ordinance survey maps allow you to see the street plan in your ancestors period, many of the streets in larger cities have changed in the last 100 years. To order hard copies a good source is:




For the Leeds area:




The German Telephone Directory

Contains residential numbers, so you can search for the surname of your ancestors and the place they came from. It will tell you if the surname is still present in that place:





The Anglo-German Family History Society

A self-help group that covers those with German ancestors who settled in the British Isles:




The only official umbrella society for researching German pork butchers. Membership can be obtained for a fee, which includes their quarterly magazine, Mitteilungsblatt.



Guide to Researching in WŁrttemberg

A general guide to researching your family origins: